Writers’ Confessions – David Benioff Discusses the Writing Process

An interview with David Benioff, one of the two Game of Thrones show-runners, about the differences between screenwriting and being a novelist. He brings up the satisfaction when you see your book in the shop/store for the first time, and it’s a shame that most indie authors will never know what this feels like. After all of the time and effort that it takes to complete a novel, the majority of titles will only ever be available as digital files or self-published physical copies that will never be present on the high street. Clearly, it’s nice that at least these platforms are open for us these days, but it’s still not quite the same as being able to see your work being packaged and sold on the shelves with all of the big names. However, I think that there’s more chance of experiencing this sensation than there is of viewing your screenplay come to life; even if you’re fortunate enough to be writing for a TV show or movie, there could well be so much studio interference that the finished product isn’t what you wanted in the first place. Benioff’s a very lucky man to have the best of both worlds, and does a great job with Game of Thrones in my opinion.

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