Norman Mailer’s Spreadsheet for Harlot’s Ghost

Jeez, this one makes Rowling’s spreadsheet for The Order of the Phoenix look simple. Mailer is basically just listing events throughout the 1960s, with the dates down the left hand side, and then using the rest of the columns to detail each relevant strand of that era, but to make sure that the time frame is accurate, it’s almost like he’s haphazardly ripped pages from a history book and then messily taped them onto a big piece of card. The red felt-tip joins various facts together with each other, and I’m guessing that the arrows might be for when one incident leads on to another, although he also uses the same pen to underline certain text. I can’t quite see what the different colour coding is for (the light blue, pink etc.) and he adds sporadic crosses and lines over particular blocks of information for some reason, even sketching cryptic images into a few: one that looks like a mouth bearing teeth and another resembling a halved avocado? I’m sure he knew what was going on anyway…

Norman Mailer Harlot's Ghost

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