Writing the Hollywood Blockbuster

It’s interesting that Shane Black, the man behind Lethal Weapon – one of the all-time classics, has evidently got reservations over the influx of generic superhero movies that have been flooding cinemas for the last ten years or so. He clearly doesn’t look particularly enthusiastic when the fact that he’s going to be directing one comes up, and to be honest I’m not surprised. I’m sick to death of seeing superhero movies, and I’m someone who has boxes full of Marvel and DC comics at my house. Obviously, they’re all lucky to be getting good wages to be writing anything, but I do get a sense that Black’s dreams of making movies have been well and truly shattered over the years, which is a shame. However, I found this talk an entertaining one; Black’s speech is inspiring, and there are many other things which I found useful to know, such as their diverse writing methods and the difficulties in transferring what’s on the page to the screen.

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2 Responses to Writing the Hollywood Blockbuster

  1. Welcome to the living. I haven’t been in a movie theater in three years.

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    • abciers says:

      The same here, I think one of the problems is that the overall audience seems to be satisfied with yet another bland superhero movie and buy into the hype. I remember reading one review which applauded The Avengers for its character development. Hmm…


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