Martin Scorsese on Story vs. Plot

I think that this is a good distinction made my Scorsese. It’s generally the ride that makes me want to be retold a story, not the destination. I remember when The Usual Suspects came out; I was quite young, so the twist came as a surprise, and I walked away with the opinion that the film was great. However, I’ve only watched it again on one occasion since. I know the ending, and there isn’t really anything else to make me want to go back. Whereas there are many stories built primarily around characters and moods that I’ve watched repeatedly, despite already knowing the plot. I’d go along with the actor James Stewart who once said that what a movie boils down to are “moments”, and that is really what will make them special. It doesn’t make any difference how great the plot is, if there aren’t those scenes that capture a particular mood, then one viewing is enough for me. I think that this also applies to other mediums of storytelling and not just film.

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