The Jaws Indianapolis Speech

This has got to be one of the best monologues of all time, and yet no single person can claim to have written it. It’s not in the book, and is a product of script rewrites by numerous people, with the final version personally tweaked for maximum impact by the amazing actor Robert Shaw. I love Jaws, and it’s interesting that many of the factors that really make it stand out for me appeared almost by complete chance. The perfection of this monologue, Roy Sheider’s one-liner “We’re going to need a bigger boat”, the fact that Spielberg had to make do without clearly showing the shark for so long, even getting Richard Dreyfuss on board was lucky. But the result is something which is so powerful that just hearing the music would be enough to clear most beaches, even after almost forty years.

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3 Responses to The Jaws Indianapolis Speech

  1. Such a great film, and it introduced me to the amazing Robert Shaw!

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