Some People

Some people

Some people commit suicide, while others can only try,

Some people are critically ill just hoping that they don’t die,

Some people are so high that life’s a roll of the dice,

while others follow advice to take control of their lives.

Some people are as cold as ice while others feel warm inside,

Some people just fail to see the final warning signs,

Some people have warped minds and are walking along the line,

while others are always so normal they just fit in all the time.

Some people are born lying, while others are too honest,

Some people have various hidden skeletons in their closets,

Some people are alcoholics regretting what they’ve done,

while others are taking class A drugs for a bit of fun.

Some people are big, while some people are small,

Some people are minuscule just pretending they’re really tall,

Some people are deemed as cool and everybody wants to meet them,

while others are seen as fools that everybody wants beaten.

Some people feel achievement from carrying out their best,

Some people need success knowing others are managing less,

Some people live in mansions and wear a fancy dress,

while others are on the concrete, on the street with their hands stretched.

Some people are a mess, while others are on point,

Some people let their life slip by puffing a joint,

Some people run with joy like a puppy with a toy,

while other are so annoyed they want to fucking destroy…

Some people.

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